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Making art is like taking a dump



…or so how I like to eloquently phrase it. At least in my experience it takes up so much energy and then I just fall into a rut and I’d have to consume more resources and inspiration before I can make more decent quality artwork.


Hehehe I’m a delight ;P



Chi blockers withdrawing money.

If anyone of you guys were at Sakura Con last weekend, a couple of friends and I went as a couple of mischievous Chi-Blockers. See more of the fun here! 

Bringing this back for old times’ sake.


Attack on Ice Titan

Has anyone done this yet? >.>; 

Saw this unsourced from one of my followers, went and found the original artist and reblogging from there.  Unsourced artwork, ESPECIALLY after it’s been copy-pasted and posted by someone else, hurts the artist more than you know.

I appreciate this. Thank you very much. :)

May or may not be designing keyblades for the DigiDestined

Saiyuki AU: Jack and Toothless Animation sequence

Still need to work on the wings and the fire/lighting breath.

"If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it”

"Enunciate!" Jack joins Merida in her lessons to prove that he can do anything she can do…and that princess duties are a cinch
Also,brunette Jack just because

Yagami Taichi in the style of Kingdom Hearts

I have been having a lot of Digimon Adventure and Kingdom Hearts feels lately..so I wanted to draw a bit of both

A crossover.Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles) and Sasha Brause (Attack on Titan)

Oh man, I really liked this colouring style. If only I remembered how to do it.