This is my art blog. On occasions I draw crossovers and things that break people's hearts
*narrows eyes*

I smell a Big Hero 6 x Digimon Adventure 02 crossover

or even FMA idk

or just more Hiro and Lewis Science Bros adventures


Hiro sketch

I bet the Disney animators are having a blast with this one. Letting their anime and manga influence loose.

Kids of the Future- Lewis and Hiro

One more doodle before bed.

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How to Tame your Digimon

Takato and Hiccup can also be sketching buddies.You can get a mug with this design here

Seven children and seven Horcruxes
The seven characters each having one of the seven Horcruxes. Draco with the ring, Ron with the locket, Hermione with the cup, Harry himself, Neville and Nagini, Ginny and the diary and Luna with the diadem.

Good God why is this still going around? I kind of regret I did not draw this on a larger canvas.Maybe I’ll redraw it soon?

oc commission for kazooooie

Request a commission
specialcolorfulshabon sent: Really digging your Our War Game teamwork AU. I wanna see more of it!

Thank you! :) It’s an AU that I enjoy expanding on. I’ll try my best to make more. 

Happy 41st birthday you old geezer ;P

Crying at the new Saiyuki chapter

This calls for fanart.



i don’t know whether to feel happy or sad..

Sorry for the lack of updates

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ngl that colour palette thing is really fun
mainly because I suck at picking colours irl